Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When Good Tourneys Go Bad - PokerStars Has Got Your Back

PokerStars Recovers Nicely from Major 'net Outage During Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament

Ever wonder what happens if the Internet goes Kaflooey (that's a technical term) in the middle of a big tournament? If you think that would be bad for you as a player think about a site operator like Poker Stars with over 50,000 players at 10,00 various tables and tournaments at various stages of play.

Well it just happened to me and, the waiting aside, it was no problem. The whole thing was taken care of in about an hour.

When I first got disconnected I thought it was a problem with my wireless router and/or DSL connection but then a message from Poker Stars support scrolled through the chat window about a major disconnection. That was it for about 45 minutes. I killed the time by working on a budget for a trip this summer.

When we came back we were able to chat for a while. There was the usual wondering what happened etc. For reasons I'm sure everyone will understand I won't reproduce it here.

In the end, we got messages in the chat window saying the tourney would be canceled as per the Poker Stars Cancellation Policies.

A few minutes later I got an e-mail telling me our tourney had been rolled forward with 50% of the prize pool divvied up between the remaining five players and the other 50% given out according to chip count. It was a $10 SnG and I ended getting almost $20 back.

Nobody's happy about these kinds of problems but it's nice to know Poker Stars was right on top of it and sorted it out quickly and fairly. Well Done Poker Stars.



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Indiana State Trooper Caught in Poker Club Bust

Journal and Courier Online - Breaking News: "


Indiana State Police will investigate a trooper who was ticketed during a raid on Northeastside poker club.

Trooper Kyle D. Freeman, 30, a seven-year veteran assigned to the Indianapolis post [of the State Police] was cited for unlawful gambling, a misdemeanor.

Freeman was put on administrative duties and an internal investigation will be conducted, state police announced today in a press release.

Indianapolis metropolitan police raided a club at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 3900 block of Pendleton Way after a year-long vice investigation into illegal gambling.

Police arrested three men - one who had a firearm in his boot - and issued summons arrests to 60 people – including Freeman -- for illegal gambling.

Players ranged in ages from 18 to 70, were males and females and reside in Marion, Hancock, Morgan, and Hamilton counties, police said.

About $6,000 was seized from the establishment, in addition to poker chips, computers, flat screens and other gambling paraphernalia."


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