Sunday, June 25, 2006

Online Poker at Full Tilt Poker - Tips From The Pros

"The Sit N Go (SNG) is online poker's great gift to the aspiring tournament player. ... It is the flight simulator of Final Table play, and mastering it should be considered mandatory homework for the serious student. "

If you've read my other posts you'll know I'm not shy about criticising or complaining. Every once in a while I find something truly praiseworthy.

FTP has the best tips I've found anywhere on the Internet. The content is excellent and the writing is clear and easily understandable.

I wish my writing was as good.


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What's a Typo Squatter Daddy?

A typo squatter is an economic vulture. They set up their site and wait for someone to make a mistake like putting only one 'L' when typing the name of a real poker room like Full Tilt Poker into the address bar of their browser. Then they pounce hitting you with a complete page of affiliate program links while claiming to be a poker site. Like this;

"Play online poker games in any of our multiplayer internet poker rooms of internet poker rooms, win big money at party poker or the starluck casino."

This one actually spelled everything right but didn't capitalise the names of the casinos they purport to own.

They even put a mailto: contact link at the bottom of the page for legitimacy along with a couple of other tries to enroll you in affiliate programs and/or sell you domain registrations.

They add nothing to the game or the Internet economy and they have nothing to do with poker.

Unfortunately they probably make a decent return on their efforts.


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Brady's Poker Blog

Brady's Poker Blog is to help promote my radio show Ante UP Radio. If my blog skills are equal to my poker skills, this is going to be very ugly, not improve over time and cost me more money than I can afford."

Home of great post titles like "1st step is admitting the problem" and "Poker is going to send me to prozac"


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