Saturday, September 23, 2006

How It Works - Blogger Poker Tour

How It Works - Blogger Poker Tour: "The Blogger Poker Tour is a series of tournaments hosted by bloggers, for bloggers, with the top prize being a $12,500 Aussie Millions package.

In this season of the Blogger Poker Tour, will be the venue for a series of 7 preliminary $500 freeroll tournaments, each one hosted by a different blog & blogger(s)."

BPT event #1 is today and I'm hoping to get off to a strong start in the tour.

I played in last years and got some chotchke like a deck of cards, some coasters, a T-shirt and, the thing I like best, a pair of flip-flops that leave a imprint when you walk on wet sand or soft ground.

I brought the cards to our monthly dealer's choice game and cleaned everyone out. I don't think it had anything to do with the deck. Just one of those nights where I could do no wrong and others ended up with a lot of strong but 2nd-best hands.

I enjoy dealer's choice because you end playing all different games. We play a game I invented (I think) that's called Patrick Poker. It's 5-card stud, no wild and no draw but, after the initial round of betting, players pass 1 (or 2 or 5 if you want) cards to the right, bet, pass to the left, bet, pass across and then bet again.

Sometimes you can get your own card back and other times your hand will get made, then broken and then made again as you receive and then have to pass off a card/cards.

A real emotional rollercoaster that I have now copyrighted by publishing it. It could also be played with more/less cards and with wild cards and draws.

It's kind of like Calvinball for poker.


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