Saturday, June 24, 2006


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Blinking Tabs Audio Tech Support Request

The latest version of the client software has tabs that blink when some action is needed on a table. Unfortunately, they don't always stop blinking. I got bored with e-mailing tech support about it and was testing out the new version of Audacity and this was the result.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Free Money from

If you log on to the support site through there is an option to take a survey for which they will pay $10 into your account.

Some of the questions were fairly self-serving and take cheap shots at all the other poker sites just because they apparently all use green mainly (which was pretty humourous) but it's short and a good way to pick up free dough.


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Thursday, June 22, 2006 Update Breaks Client

When I launched the client tonight it wanted to update so I let it. Everything went normally. The files dl'ed, I got a message from my firewall about the new version then I get a message from the client complaining that it didn't have either enough space/permission to install. The client then closes and when I run it again it runs into the same problem

I have 1.5GB free on the D: drive (where the current version is) and I'm the administrator of my Dell CPxj30 laptop running Win2K 5.00.2195 - SP4. There's also nearly 1GB on the C: drive Space and permissions are NOT the problem.

I tried to de-install the old client, then download and reinstall the new version to see if I can get around it that way and it reacts exactly the same way.

I e-mailed tech support. They promise to respond within 30-minutes approximately. More than 30 minutes later I decide to try their live chat support.

I went to the support site and clicked on the live chat link. Despite the fact FireFox had multiple tabs going it took over the browser and resized the window to show the chat only. When the rep didn't connect fast enough it offered me the opportunity to e-mail support. I'd already done that (and have yet to receive a response) so I clicked cancel and the whole browser closed.

Maybe it should open a new browser window instead of taking over the existing one?

I finally got tech support on chat and she told me I had to uninstall and then manually delete files from the install folder.

I was unable to delete one of the files because the system said it was in use.

I decided to reboot but was unable to shut the computer down because the program poker.cor would not end automatically. I cancelled the shutdown, stopped the process named poker.cor using Task Manager.

I was then able to delete the files, install the update and log on without rebooting - three hours later.

I normally charge a lot of money for this kind of troubleshooting and documentation.

During our chat I asked Daria, the nice tech support lady, if they were hiring. For some reason she felt the fact they are on the other side of the planet posed some sort of a logistical problem.


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