Friday, November 24, 2006

BPT Event #6 - Flopilicious's Where's My Flop BPT Tourney

Event #6 - Flopilicious's Where's My Flop BPT Tourney: "The penultimate event of the regular season will be hosted by [ZowieZ of]It's Flopalicious."

I had my best finish yet in this series - 11th in BPT Event#5 - but it was painful to get knocked out one position shy of the money and the points multipliers. Still, it's a fun series with a lot of banter and kidding around during the games.

I'm sitting 39th even with a 70th place finish in the 3rd event and a DNP in the 4th.

Full results are here: BPT Leaderboard

This weekend I hope to finish in the money. I need a top ten finish to put myself in the final event Dec. 23 the givces the shot at the Aussie Milions seat.


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