Saturday, October 28, 2006

Well I _was_ tied for 19th

The bad luck around BPT#3 continues - at least for me and Egon Olsen (AKA Morten Petersen of Denmark).

Egon represented at WSOP 2006 and got donked out somewhere out 95th out of 101 players when somebody called his pocket-all-in with a flush draw.

I kept getting put all-in on draws and then Cazwil cracked my pocket cowboys with AQ off that caught on the river for dramatic effect knockling me out at 70.

I don't think BPT#3's over yet but I certainly won't be in the top 20 when it does.

Below are the standings up until today.

Tournament Schedule & Results - Blogger Poker Tour:

Position Points
1 natsdad 321
2 ViezeMan 320
3 DawgRoyal 300
4 ReplicantPoker 241
5 Michael1965 238
6 brodoughno 218
7 DamRiver 211.5
8 Quackpot 201
9 BobbyOlsen 196
10 elc3105 189
11 Irongirl 185.25
12 iyatoni 177.5
13 JCL514 151.25
14 Hacksaw2000 148
15 booboy119543 144
16 Mada1970 116
17 Porkrind333 116
18 astinaguy 112.5"


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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blogger Poker Tour - Event #3 Re-scheduled wants to Send a Blogger to the Aussie Millions! so they're holding a series of tourneys to see which blogger wins the Aussie Millions prize package but there was a little glitch last week.

"Event #3 of the second season of the Blogger Poker Tour which was scheduled for 21 October was shutdown due to technical difficulties.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused our fellow blogging community.

Event #3 has now been re-scheduled for this coming Saturday and will feature host blogger: www.UltimatePokerForumOpen.

Re-Scheduled Tournament Details:
Tournament: Blogger Poker Tour - Season 2 Event 3
Date: 28 October 2006
Time: 15:00 Time (GMT-5, ET-1)
Location: Tournaments > Scheduled > Special tab
Structure: 10 min levels, 2000 starting chips
Entry: Free to Blogger Poker Tour Players
Prizes: $500"

Let's hope we have better luck on the technical sde this week.


Absolute Poker!'s Poker Blog: What makes online poker different from casino poker?

We don't know who is but here's some wisdom the main differences between online and live poker.

"Anyone who plays online poker for the first time, expecting everything to happen exactly as it does at their local casino or home game is kidding themselves.

"There are many differences between online poker and real life poker, and a lot of new or inexperienced players don't seem to realise this. Their failure to account for the differences can often lead to them making bad decisions or going on tilt and therefore not being as succesful playing online as their previous experience playing with real cards would lead them to expect.


"Perceived anonymity has a big influence over decisions online.

You just can't always use the same tricks you could use in a real poker game, because people simply do not have the same fear of failure...."

Kris lists 8 differences and makes good points in every one.


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