Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Internet Poker Ego Search

Sharkscope bills itself as "The Ultimate Tool For Increasing Poker Profitability"

It's a database of 28,210,434 online poker sit n' go tournament results from the PokerStars, FullTilt, CryptoLogic, Ongame, Pacific Poker and networks that offers 5 free searches per day to let you see who you're up against or analyze your own statistics.

I don't like giving away free information especially since this documents my long (and unprofitable in dollar terms anyway) learning curve as an Internet poker player and there's no way to hide this info completely.

N.B. Sharkscope uses some huge, convoluted Javascript scheme to run their site. It actually crashed Firefox at one point. I can't link to the page that allows users to block their own information. Go to the FAQ page and click on "Can I be removed from the database?"

That will tell you remove your tournament data from the prying eyes of free users.

"Paying subscribers will still be able to see your number of games played, along with your ROI data and form. All other statistics including average profit, average stake and total profit will be inaccessible, along with all the remaining graphs. Hence, once blocked in this manner, no one will be able to calculate your total amount won or lost."

I have to wonder if the tracked sites support this or not.


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